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Our AWS Data Analytics Solutions

We provide a wide range of AWS data analytics services globally to meet all of your data needs. We’ve worked with a number of MNCs and SMBs to move to AWS and maximize the value of the data.

Our skilled data consultants obtain a deep understanding of your infrastructure and data requirements through thorough consultation.

You can combine data from many sources with the help of our AWS-certified data analysts. We use top-notch AWS solutions for managing master data.

To swiftly and seamlessly transfer all of your data to the AWS system, we employ the AWS Data Migration services whenever necessary.

Our specialists can help you create a data lake using any AWS service and transfer your data with the least amount of downtime if you’re moving your storage to AWS.

Modernize your data warehouse to make it more equipped to handle fluctuating workloads without compromising the time-to-insights ratio.

With the help of purpose-built AWS services, you can apply AWS Smart Analytics to unlock the value of your data and speed up business innovation.

We do routine maintenance checks  to keep your warehouses, analytics platforms, integrations, and other AWS services operating at their peak efficiency.

Updates are released by Amazon for a number of AWS cloud analytics services. To test new features, modify, and create proof of concepts with the new features, we will work alongside you.

Utilize a wide range of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services on the AWS Cloud to speed up innovation cycles.

Why do businesses prefer AWS Data Analytics Services?

Besides the fact that Amazon built them, organizations are increasingly turning to AWS cloud analytics services for a number of important reasons.

With its affordable rates and pay-as-you-use structures, AWS has ensured that large data operations don’t always require large investments.

A significant chunk of data administration has been made simpler by automation and scheduled features in AWS analytics products.

At a period of unprecedented data expansion, it’s best to have enough space for your scaling demands, and AWS flawlessly satisfies that need.


Datacrew offers a comprehensive suite of data analytics services including consultation, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Data lake creation, Data warehouse modernization, maintenance, and Machine learning and AI. We offer these services to customers in various locations like North America, UAE, and India.

Datacrew employs AWS Data Migration services to facilitate quick and smooth data migration to the AWS system, minimizing downtime during the process in both North America and UAE.

Yes, Datacrew's experts guide you through creating a Data Lake using AWS services during your migration to AWS, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Datacrew's AWS Data Warehouse Modernization services help businesses in North America and UAE enhance their data warehouse capabilities to handle varying workloads efficiently and achieve faster time-to-insight for analytics.

Datacrew's Smart Analytics implementation powered by AWS services accelerates business innovation for companies in North America and UAE by unlocking the value of their data and enabling data-driven decision-making.

As a leading data analytics service provider, our experts can work with you to fully understand your distinct requirements and deliver tailored solutions accordingly. We create a plan, after learning about your data requirements, size, available tools, financial limitations, and other factors.

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