Modern Data Architecture

February 9, 2015, Author: admin

Data and analytics modernization is the process of shifting your data and analytics ecosystem to something more scalable, agile, and future-ready. When you move away from legacy data and analytics systems to modernized ones, you remove the traditional obstacles of dealing with growing data demands (cost of retooling, complicated integrations, inability to harness new technology, etc.) and you gain greater analytical functionality.
Cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have launched cutting-edge offerings, such as serverless data platforms that can be deployed instantly, enabling adopters to enjoy a faster time to market and greater agility. Analytics users are demanding more seamless tools, such as automated model-deployment platforms, so they can more quickly make use of new models. Many organizations have adopted application programming interfaces (APIs) to expose data from disparate systems to their data lakes and rapidly integrate insights directly into front-end applications.


Our cloud and analytics experts will assess your current analytics environment, develop a custom plan for migrating to a more modern platform, and start the migration process by modernizing a few of your reports. Foundational shifts required to move into a Modern cloud-based data architecture

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